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Professional Outlook to Business Owners and Key Opinion Leaders

Under this service, We mentor CEOs/ CxOs  to facilitate them for overall development of their personality, to ensure appropriate personal and professional conduct. Businesses today need to be managed with a cool and visionary head. It takes effort to recognize the need in the first place. We start with identifying Mentoring & Coaching avenues based on Business Assessment and an intense dialogue with the Business Leader. Based on this, we develop a Mentoring Plan (min 6 months to max 12 months). Once we get the mandate signed, we schedule mentoring meetings through mutual agreement (online and offline) and ensure that there are periodic sessions for monitoring and reviewing the progress at each step.

Knowledge Enhancement is driven thru practical hand-holding (I see, you do). GBS maintains complete Confidentiality about this engagement. Finally, we mutually push for Closure once agreed initiatives have been met. This is more of a one-on-one Mentoring for the CEO and is taken with at the highest level of professionalism and conduct.

The engagement goes beyond mentoring when there are specific training needs that are identified during the course of the mentoring engagement. This would necessitate the CxO to allot some time for fulfilling the training by way of enrolling for development programs recommended by GBS mentors from time to time.


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