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Sales Enhancement Program

This program is aimed at driving business growth through sales enhancement, in the domestic and international markets. We deliver this through the following steps

Studying the present product/ service portfolio

We carry out an in-depth study of the existing products/ services portfolio across various dimensions viz. Relevance, Cost-Benefit Analysis and Variety Analysis v/s Core Competency of the business enterprise. We also check for future products in the pipeline.

Sales Strategy for y+5 years

The next step is to define the sales strategy for the business. This is initiated by assessing past sales performance (planned v/s actual) to set the base of the enhancement effort. Thereafter we carry out the process of customer profiling, where we map the ideal client profile based on the product/ service mix. Next is the SWOT Analysis for each product/ service. All this helps in devising the Marketing Strategy for the business based on which Clear Plans and Goals are set. This helps in devising the Market Communications (Marcom) plan and finally Action Planning to meet this plan.

Systematic Market Mapping for the current year

Market Mappingis carried out across product, customer profile, region, price and quality. These approaches help us place all the products/ services on Product Quality/ Price matrix. This further helps us refine our approach for devising our Go To Market Strategies.

Web Presence and Online Marketing Campaign

Here, we map online approaches for ensuring a strong digital presence through Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Reputation Management and Mobile Web Presence Optimization. We believe that having a strong digital presence goes a long way in ensuring a seamless pipeline of clients, moreso, since businesses have taken to online modes of working. Besides, a strong digital presence helps to disrupt geographies and being the business closer to where the market is.

Supporting Offline Marketing Tools

We also recommend that the businesses continue with their offline efforts through Networking, Speaking Engagements, Print Publications, Direct Mail Campaigns, Cold Calls, Print Advertisements and Associations and Trade Shows. It is important to strike a balance between offline and online tools to arrive at the best mix.

The CHANGED Sales Structure

The way forward, as we see it at GBS, is the Co-existence of Offline & online Approaches. Thus, we devise a Hybrid Sales Model for the business along with laying out Integrated Marketing Approaches to drive sales. This would lead to Diversified Sales Competencies, which will facilitate businesses to revisit their sales structure at an overall level. This shall also urge businesses in Leveraging Technology Tools which will become an imminent measure.

Overseas Markets & Ventures (International Business)

In order to boost International Business, GBS has devised an indigenous  vehicle that aims to Promote Indian Businesses in the Overseas Market through its Overseas Trade Partners (OTPs). This is a focussed approach to provide Overseas Trade Opportunities to Indian Businesses

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