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Optimum Debt Management

Business Debt is an inevitable part of the business cash flow cycle. However, excessive debt hampers business dealings since cash flow gets restricted. Businesses facing severe debt find it difficult to honour their financial obligations. GBS, through it’s network with the banks, works with businesses to award appropriate reliefs on the merits of the case.

The process followed is  

Assessment of Financial Situation

 A detailed assessment is carried out by GBS in terms of the dimensions of the debt

Dry Due Diligence to validate the situation 

An overview of the extent of the potential damage and the reasons thereof is ascertained through initial discussions with the business owner and his representatives

Ascertain the Stress (Debt)

Getting the exact value of the debt after detailed discussions and financial statement

Initial Solutions (Increase Net Asset Turnover)

Invite expert opinion through GBS’s network of experts to provide immediate relief. This is a short term measure, but needs immediate action.

Non-operational assets review

A more comprehensive solution would be restructuring the debt by looking at assets which can be liquidated to reduce the burden

Charter of Operational Improvements

GBS carries out a brief audit of all measures that can be taken in terms of operational improvements that can be brought about. This requires complete transparency on behalf of the businesses

Review of Assets & Liabilities (Rolling plan)

A detailed analysis of Assets and Liabilities with a view to liquidation and consolidation, to arrive at measures to extract cash from unutilized assets and bundling of liabilities or negotiating with debtors.

Liasioning services with banking authorities 

Discussion of a comprehensive relief based on all the above measures

Hand-holding during the process

GBS takes the business through the entire process end-to-end till the time all the reliefs have been realized and business is back on track

Periodic Assessment & Review

A follow up plan where GBS and ensures that there are no slippages or deviations from the agreed plan of actions so that business is back on track.

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