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GBS has devised a tool to assess the health of the business based on Balanced Score Card (BSC) theory which was developed by  Kaplan & Norton. The BSC is a tool used to drive Business Strategy. The objective is to ascertain the extent to which the business scores across the four dimensions of Finance, Customer, People and Internal Process. 

The assessment is carried out by experts in the BSC philosophy and helps businesses to objectively devise improvement projects to ensure business success. The Business Assessment Tool from GBS focusses on the following areas of business

1.Business Strategy & Planning with respect to Time Horizons
2.Financial Parameters
3.Customer Parameters – Quality Management, Service, Delivery efficiency & Distribution, Client Communication
4.Internal Process Parameters – Process Layout & Efficiencies, System Parameters
5.People Processes – People process documentation and practice, Statistics, Work Planning Methods
6.Compliances – Statutory/Accounts, Legal Cases, Disputes, etc.
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