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Complete/ Partial Turnaround depending on implementation rigour

We realize that businesses could be under severe stress, thereby causing sub-optimization issues and several imbalances resulting in under-performance across the value chain. We follow a scientific approach to get business out of stress, using the Value Chain Technique which includes

Value Chain Mapping of the Business Enterprise

This involves breaking down the business process into sub-processes and laying them out to depict eh value chain.

Identifying the Business Problem

The value chain is analysed and is compared with the actual situation. This provides vital insights into the exact business problem

Defining the Problem 

Zeroing in on the exact problem. We believe that clear problem definition leads to a better solutions.

Cause & Effect Analyses

Next, is we break down the problem to get a holistic understanding of the impact it has on the business. This is more with a view to allow GBS to showcase the criticality of probable situations that may arise out of NOT addressing the problem. This also gives us very useful insights into the depth at which the issue rests. This aids in devising necessary execution plans for Turnaround.

Defining the Business Turnaround Landscape (BTS Landscape)

Based on the above actions, we derive the BTS Landscape which is a comprehensive document of the problem and it’s impact across the length and breadth of the internal and external organisation of the business enterprise.

Devising the Turnaround plan at three levels, aggressive, realistic and passive

We help the business cascade the BTS Landscape into a systematic Turnaround Plan. Even here, besides laying out the plan, we also support business in driving the execution process using a set of monitoring tools. Thus, we equip the business to see the plan through.

Execution and Closure

GBS drives the execution of the above plan after agreeing on the timelines and other business mandates that are put in place. Also, there are mutual expectations in terms of time and effort, which are mutually set.

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