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What We Offer

At GBS, we believe that Business Success is an outcome of a systematic process starting from Defining a Business Strategy that is specifically created keeping in mind the various internal and external factors of the client organisation. We drive the formulation of both, the immediate market response that is based on the Short-Term Business Plan (1 to 3 yrs) and also focus on defining the Medium to Long Term (3 to 7 yrs) Business Plan.

This is a highly iterative and interactive process that involves engaging with each and every member of the Top Management of the Client Organisation in an intense workshop-style activity-based Strategic Planning Workshop. The key features of this workshop are

Extensive Market Research

We’re constantly working on Research and our researchers are always pursuing relevant topics for bringing out the facts which are published by us from time to time (refer our Research section). We also undertake sector-specific and company-specific researches when it comes to defining the strategic landscape of the business entity. This is a very dynamic activity for which we have a full fledged team of professionals who’re at it all the time.

Analysis of Expert Opinions about market realities

As an extension of Market research, we also gather expert opinion through our vast network of professionals across industries and geographies (across the globe) to zero in on deciding the strategic direction for the business. Often, Expert Opinion serves to second our research findings and thus, is a key step to move ahead.

Bench-marking with competition 

It is important to realize the existing potential of the business vis-à-vis direct and indirect competition and also in comparison with allied and forward/ backward integrators. This forms part of our offering while we do the Market Research. It is indeed very significant  to gather business insights in terms of parameters that are market driven.

Use of Simulation Tools to depict scenarios 

This is our USP at GBS where we use simulation tools through an extensive 1 day workshop where we take the business leadership team through a disruptive workshop using our real time research and simulation approach, to arrive at meaningful, practical scenarios.

Creating the Strategy Map for Y+5 yrs

Based on all  the above outcomes, we get into a comprehensive strategy map for the organisation where we tie the strategy with the financial aspects of the business. This is where we zero in and firm up the numbers for the business in the next 5 yrs.

Translating the Strategy into a Business Plan

The strategy maps extends to creation of a holistic business plan that covers all the aspects of the business enterprise.

Devising the execution plan at three levels, aggressive, realistic and passive

We help the business cascade the Business Plan into a systematic Execution Plan. Besides laying out the plan, we also support business in driving the execution process using a set of monitoring tools. Thus, we equip the business to see the plan through.

Resource Optimization Plan

At GBS, we firmly believe in delivering success to the client and so we go one step forward by defining the resource plan as well. This is extremely critical since most execution plans fail in the absence of a Resource plan to back it up. Thus, in a way, we ensure 100% accomplishment of the plan.

Publishing the Information Memorandum

And finally, we create a detailed and comprehensive Information Memorandum which summarizes all the above in a very structured way. This IM serves as a mother document that captures all the information in the form of visual data (graphs, pictures and diagrams) that clarify the journey of the business in time to come.

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